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Gasoline Tiller

Gasoline Tiller ML75A ◆The operation is free from flat land, hill and hillside restrictions. It can move smoothly and operate in small pieces of land in mountains and hills. And it can operate freely due to its small size in small farming area, such as vegetable greenhouses, orchards, vegetable gardens to achieve a mechanized operation. ◆Tools are complete. In addition to standard tools, various tools can be selected to ridge, ditch, earth up, weeding etc. according to local farming needs. And it can meet the operation needs in both flooded field and drought field. ◆The tillage depth is controlled by easy-adjusted damping arm. ◆Easy to use, operate and learn.
Model ML75A ML80 ML105 ML135GA ML135GB ML135GC ML135GD ML135GE
Engine power,hp 7HP 7HP 7HP 7HP 9HP 13HP 15HP 17HP
Fuel capacity,l 3.6 3.6 3.6 3.6 6 6 6 6
Engine oil capacity,l 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 1.1 1.1 1.1 1.1
Transmission type Belt transmission Gear transmission
Gearbox type Aluminum Cast iron Small gearbox Big gearbox
Gear shifting 2 speed (2 forward,1 reverse gear}
Tilling width,mm 800-1200 800-1300
Tilling depth,mm 150-300 150-350
Blade type dry land blade 3X4/4X3/4x4 (24pieces or 32pieces) dry land blade or deep blade 4X5/4x4 (40pieces or 32pieces)
Wheel type 3.5-6/400-8/400-10/19x7-8/500-12 19x7-8/400-8/400-10/500-12/600-12/700-10
Accessory type open ditcher/potato harvest/single plough/mower/seeder/snowsweeper/front bumper
Starting mode recoil start/electric start (with battery 7A,9A,18A,21A)
Weight,kg 88kg 92kg 98kg 125kg 140kg 144kg 144kg 150kg
Model ML75A
Engine power,hp 7HP
Fuel capacity,l 3.6
Engine oil capacity,l 0.6
Transmission type belt
Gearbox type aluminum
Gear shifting 2forward,1reverse gear
Tilling width,mm 800-1200
Tilling depth,mm 150-300
Blade type 24pieces or 32pieces
Wheel type 400-8/400-10/19x7-8
Accessory type open ditcher/plough
Starting mode recoil start/electric start
Weight,kg 88kg

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