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Routine Maintenance

Adjustment of valve clearance

Note: Unless the user has special maintenance tool and maintenance skills, the adjustment of valve clearance shall be maintained with the assistance of  MULLER authorized distributors.

The size of valve clearance has great impact on the performances of engine on all aspects: If the valve clearance is too small, the expanding of valve rod in thermal state of the engine may lead to valve leakage and power coastdown or even burn out the valve; If the valve clearance is too big, there might be collisions between different transmission parts as well as between the valve and the valve seat, and meanwhile, the valve opening duration will be reduced and cause insufficiency of air intake and exhaust and will also directly affect the normal operation of engine. 

General speaking, valve clearance of gasoline engine must be checked and adjusted after it is used for 1 year or 300 hours. The valve clearance must be adjusted in cold state and when the valve is totally closed. Place the piston on the dead point of the cylinder combustion chamber, and the positive related position between flywheel magnetic steel and flame igniter is positive point. Insert the feeler in the clearance between the valve rocker and the valve and measure the clearance of the lifter. 
Valve clearance: intake valve: 0.10 ~0.15 mm   Exhaust valve: 0.15 ~0.20 mm
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