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Generator parts

2KW Generator crankcase cover 2kw gasoline generator parts,crankcase cover for 2kw generator, 5kw generator crankcase cover.

Mainly 2kw/5kw gasoline generator parts:
2. 2kw switch 3. 2kw voltage meter 4. 5kw circuit breaker 5. 5kw sockets 19. 2kw voltage regulator 
20. 2kw carbon brush 21. 2kw alternator bracket 32. 2kw muffler 46. 5kw fuel tank 

2. 2kw switch  
5. 5kw sockets
32. 2kw muffler 
46. 5kw fuel tank 
3. 2kw voltage meter 
4. 5kw circuit breaker
19. 2kw voltage regulator
20. 2kw carbon brush
21. 2kw alternator bracket

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